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Join Us & Empower Your Future

We are looking for dynamic and dedicated people who seek to build a partnership of excellence with us.

We believe in hiring passionate and dynamic people who are focused on bringing value-driven performance, self-motivated and trustworthy. People with confidence who thrive on challenges and the chance to tap on their fullest potential upon contributing to the company’s growth.


RC offers you...

  • We provide opportunities for career advancement within the company
  • Comprehensive training & support are given to new hires
  • We cultivate a learning culture within the company to improve each of our staff’s knowledge
  • Oppurtunity for overseas training
  • We offer attractive bonus pay-outs to all our performing employees
  • Health and medical insurance is covered for all permanent staff
  • Remuneration (rewards, incentive, bonus, profit sharing & etc)

RC takes care of their employee’s welfare to meet the convenience of its staffs, not leaving its business model behind, by emphasizing on having a safe working environment as the staffs will feel comfortable and confident to be in such a surrounding. A boost in productivity and profit margins can be observed.

Employees working with RC will gain internal and external exposure through our training programs. This will provide opportunities for the staffs to work in foreign countries around Europe and China. The staffs can obtain various business cultures from the countries.

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