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In this high-tech era, it is imperative to respond to the changes in technology as well as the market trend with flexibility and decisive commitment. Our technical experts covers a wide range area of machine assembly. RC is reliable to support small to large, and simplistic to complex assemblies.

RC have high skilled professionals to advice and collaborate in expanding and securing the market position by providing top notch quality and services in assembling partial or complete machine modules whilst enjoying the low cost of skilled labor.

This was proven when RC was listed as the supplier for Tier One Automotive company in mid 2014. Our skilled and professional staffs secure the business by improving the quality of the equipment assembly.  

Our trained technical team, engineers and technician are well prepared with the skills of electrical assembly, mechanical assembly of various equipment technology. Our experts focuses more on the following areas:

  • Highly precision and high speed mechanical handling system
  • High precision heavy duty main frame system
  • Pneumatic control system, value, manifold and system configuration
  • Main control electrical panels and control system
  • Input / output signal and sensor using PLC system and etc.

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